She died today

She’s gone.

Walked quietly through that portal (if you ignore the sound of the breathing machine.)

Like she was going home.


Did not look back at anyone.

She’s gone.

Did everything she could do to leave.

Only ever bought one-way tickets.

Had to be sure she’d never come back.

Not be where she was never wanted.

She’s gone.

And in a day a mountain pushed through the earth to cover her tracks.

Block access to tears that were never about her.

Of all the words they said, only these were the truth:

She was born.

She died surrounded.


In memory of M. who at 25, died and was buried within 24 hours this week after an arduous battle with life.

2 Responses to IN MEMORY

  1. terrisitagg says:

    Thank you for sharing that. Powerful words, heartwrenching story. I am sorry for your loss. Love, T.

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