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Let’s catch up, and oh, my family

So, shall I catch you up? I (we) got married. But that’s not the point of the story. A few days later, I told my family. And each one I told was amazingly supportive and happy for me. Except for one. … Continue reading

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I see Lesbian Haircut #32.

  Breathing in, raising my eyebrows, blinking slowly, then breathing out slowly while holding my body still for this delicate operation: putting mascara on my eyelashes. I keep trying different brands of mascara. Looking for the perfect one. No eyeliner. No … Continue reading

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How to be a lesbian in two easy steps (or four comprehensive steps if you’re really serious)

~~ There’s a proliferation of How To information on the internet and in bookstores and libraries — everything from the ubiquitous Dummies and Idiot’s guides through to sites such as Wiki How, where you can find How to kiss in 32 steps. … Continue reading

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