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I see Lesbian Haircut #32.

  Breathing in, raising my eyebrows, blinking slowly, then breathing out slowly while holding my body still for this delicate operation: putting mascara on my eyelashes. I keep trying different brands of mascara. Looking for the perfect one. No eyeliner. No … Continue reading

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How to be a lesbian in two easy steps (or four comprehensive steps if you’re really serious)

~~ There’s a proliferation of How To information on the internet and in bookstores and libraries — everything from the ubiquitous Dummies and Idiot’s guides through to sites such as Wiki How, where you can find How to kiss in 32 steps. … Continue reading

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Finding some courage

~~ Have you ever walked along a treetop canopy, your feet stepping on narrow wooden boards maybe 20 cm (8 inches) wide that are swaying slightly in the wind, your hands gripping the guide wire on either side of you, listening to your … Continue reading

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