Serendipity Do-da

I turned and fell; landing in your arms breaking my heart, helpless to stop its thundering, pouring, splintering, splitting open to you. All 12 of my senses taking you in, breathing you, feeling you, craving you; dreaming you with me, anywhere and everywhere in real, imagined, perceived and undiscovered universes, where suns shine moons reflect stars are born and burst; where harmonies strum the solar plexus evoking Eros, Agape, Psyche and Sappho; where eternity seeks out omega in the place where waters flow, roots grow gravity sails; where words and sentience do no harm and all of creation dreamed by big bang is but a moment away.



Hypothesis that did not work out according to plan

A century of concentration and repeatable randomized tests would not have predicted, could not have anticipated that at the time of humanity’s first steps we would meet; our fingers lace and our foreheads touch accept then that you and I would forever wander through evolution, civilization, water, air and dreams; our minds, heart and bodies merging in a sensual comprehension, sorting through the seeds of wonder that would grow to something exponentially deeper than love and envelope more than a single life(time).



©  All Rights Reserved.  FCS 2010

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