Train to be a lesbian?

Q: Can a straight woman be trained to be lesbian?

A: Hypothetically speaking, if a straight woman were to be put through a regime of mind controlled, drug-induced Clockwork Orange-type of aversion therapy toward heterosexual relationships and heterosexual sex while being simultaneously trained in the finer arts of being in relationship with women, the lesbian kama sutra and the higher levels of lesbian tantric sex, it is possible that at the end of indoctrination and training she would turn toward women for relationships and sex and be for all appearances, a lesbian.

So while it is possible, it is not without great effort and cost and at the end of the day all you have is a woman performing as a lesbian and if that’s all you want, then yes. As to why you would want to do that, I can only imagine.



This is a real question in my search/question inbox. Maybe it’s how some people express themselves but I really, really, really do not get this interest in turning, training, teaching, pressuring straight women to be lesbians.

Who asks  this kind of question?? And what’s this about being trained? As in like a seal? A dog, a circus monkey, bear? Or like in human resources training? As in: can a woman who is straight learn to be a lesbian?

If it takes that kind of effort to train and indoctrinate a woman, the only thing you’re creating is a woman who is technically able function as a lesbian.

If you’re into shaping and indoctrinating and it’s with her consent? Perhaps she might not be as straight as she claimed.

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