Someone wants a specific lesbian body part

It’s Friday people and that means it’s the weekend. With rain and thunder boombooms. Oh well, Such is life.

In the meantime, time for another dumb question of the day.  There have been many to choose from these past few days, however, this one takes the cupcake.

Q: Where can I find lesbian feet?

A: At the bottom of a lesbian leg which is attached to a lesbian hip, which is attached to a lesbian torso which supports a lesbian neck, head and ostensibly a brain. In short, you can find lesbian feet in exceptionally close proximity to lesbians.

Maybe someone is having me on with these questions. Or I underestimated the lack of knowledge about, well, just about everything it seems.

But it does raise an interesting question: is the body part, in and of itself, lesbian? I mean if a lesbian donated a body part as part of organ donation, would that body part want another lesbian body part of hang around with? What if that body part happens to be a heart? Can you imagine? What if the horror films are right? What if, let’s just say, a man got a lesbian heart transplanted in him?

Oh. My. Goddess!. Can you just imagine? I claim creative license and universal rights to the idea! But more to the point. Who, exactly, is looking for lesbian and feet. More to the point why? Wait. Maybe I don’t want to know.

2 Responses to Someone wants a specific lesbian body part

  1. I have an intense fear and disgust of feet. I don’t care whose feet they belong to! What a hilarious question.

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