A bit about me

Writing about things that/people who touch, provoke, dare, enrage, frighten, worry, and provoke tears or laughter in me as a woman, as a lesbian, as a human being and as a member of the animal kingdom, although not always in that order.  Other stuff…

  1. I am always, always serious except for when I am not.
  2. Language, words, the alphabet are magic. So are women.
  3. I came out in my 20s.
  4. It’s hard to admit, but women aren’t perfect.
  5. Curious, with a particular interest in how we fool ourselves into thinking we know stuff.
  6. I can go off on tangents in a heartbeat.
  7. The heart fascinates me, specially heartbeats.
  8. So does the human brain and people who use it well, particularly women.
  9. I like art, music, design, cars, women, reading, creating, holding hands, forehead kisses.
  10. Exceptionally low tolerance for fundamentalism in any manifestation.
  11. Walking through life with an arched eyebrow.
  12. Quiet most of the time.
  13. Reading is good. So is thinking. So is feeling.
  14. I apply the scientific method and use myself as a subject.
  15. Will not be fooled into believing that humans are rational.
  16. Life is lived, experienced through the 12 different senses and best when the heart is involved too.
  17. Balance is essential and sometimes impossible. Drama is for the arts.
  18. If a string has one end, it most certainly has another.
  19. Canadian citizen, but an immigrant kid.
  20. Life bursts and breaks my heart. But it comes back together again.

All the writing here is original and copyrighted. Happy to share it: please just ask if you want to use some.

My name is Frances.

23 Responses to A bit about me

  1. Heather says:

    Hello I was reading your post on “signs that a straight woman is interested in a lesbian ” I found your view very informative. Im like u said new to the scene n really have no mentor. and i was looking for help on something personal that im not sure want to post publicly so if you feel it in your heart to help me out email me back……Pleeeeesase.

    • FS says:

      Hi there; It was brave of you to send a note via comments. Thank you. How about if I tell you that my heart is a bit torn and my head reminds that it’s equally important to ensure everyone’s privacy: yours and mine. Head and heart in balance: consider sharing your situation here, in a generic way of course: names + places changed to protect the innocent ;-). You might find that other readers have experiences or feelings similar to yours and can offer you some insight that might provide food for thought as well as some hope and peace and calm. Or perhaps just write it out and don’t send it…sometimes just writing it out, seeing it somewhere other than inside your mind can help you get clarity.

      I can empathize with the challenge of being new and not having someone nearby with whom you can share what you’re feeling, or experiencing, or concerned or curious or worrying about, ‘specially if you’re living in a place where it’s not cool or safe to talk openly about subjects that are not considered part of the heteronormal universe. That said, there are organizations and hotlines to help, here in Canada and in the USA. From your note, you don’t sound like you’re from Europe ;-).

      In Canada it’s http://www.youthline.ca/index.php
      If you’re in the USA, the national hotline is http://www.glnh.org/index2.html

      Each site has information on how to make contact to talk with someone who can help. Someone who will, at a minimum, offer you an ear to listen. Which it sounds like you can use. ((((Good luck!))))

  2. andy says:

    hi there!! im andy, 18 and a homosexual. i really enjoyed reading your works,it gives me courage and strength. i also write poems and essays about lesbianism but sad to say that i have been hiding my works from other people. some close friends and family of mine are not open to this kind of relationship. it would be nice knowing you better!! godbless!!

    • FS says:

      Hello, Andy. Lovely to make your acquaintance. :-). Writing can be a helpful way to manage all that you feel and experience as you navigate the stuff of what and who is around you and the lack of supportive for you to be who and what you are. Very glad you dropped by, and that you enjoy what you find. There are also lots of places on the internet that publish writing…if you want to do that. And if you are in a place in the world where you need to protect your identity, you can negotiate that with places who agree to publish your work. Take care of you. 🙂

  3. tomboy says:

    Good to know there are more people like me out there:)

  4. MichaelM says:

    Hi there. Like FG, I was looking for a way to send you a quick private message (as comments appeared to be closed on the blog entry that caught my eye).

    I’m an old fart of 48 (LOL), a gay man and was preparing to write a quick blurb/observation on coming out. I ran across your blog while doing a Google search for images to see if something might give me inspiration for creating a new image of to go with this evening’s observation on coming out today vs. many years ago. (I do like the image you use in your coming out story and have recreated it using Adobe Illustrator, just for a bit of fun… but do not feel comfortable using it at the moment because I’d like to provide a link to your blog entry in my own, as an interesting read for others to check out.) Anyway, I do enjoy your writing style; just wanted to tell you that. As for myself; sometimes, I am serious on my blog and at other times playful. Far too often of recent, I’ve been ranting as I’m pretty discouraged by what I’m seeing on the political scene as well as with the economy. Have even been making a bit of an effort to not write as much right now while I rest up a bit and rejuvenate. If you feel like checking out my corner of the net, it’s at http://blog.quipsnquills.com.


    • FS says:

      Namaste, Michael; Lovely to make your acquaintance, and thank you. I think that the comments close off after two weeks or so on the posts. Sorry ’bout that. I can change it. I’m inclined to think that 48 does not qualify you for old fart status, unless you descend into that old fart frame of mind, which can happen at 18 or 25 of 65. It is hard not to rant at all the craziness going on in and around our world; not only within our LGBTTQQ worlds 😉 … but with many aspects of our changing world. Coming out is such a diverse experience, and I think on the surface of it, it seems difference than 20 years ago, but when you hear of the kinds of fears and bullying, hard not to think that things have not progressed very far. But then again, only 80 years ago, women were jailed for protesting for the right to vote, were thrown in jail, force-fed, and worse. Hard to be patient, though.

      I did check out your corner, and can appreciate your need for some rejuvenation. Please take care of you.

      PS: most of the images I use are not mine … I have that disclaimer at the bottom of my page.

  5. terrisitagg says:

    How did I miss this? My goddess…I think I need to do some research. I am shocked and
    profoundly embarrassed that I did not respond to this post earlier. I am serious (all the time).

    • FS says:

      Dear T: Hmm — You’re all the time serious? Really? No worries: it’s not a post per se: just an evolving thing in the About me section because apparently, when people drop by the blog, some of them want to know a bit about the person who writes it.

  6. letempspasse says:

    Would love to read other topics you have written about. Hope I will get a chance. You writing is both heartfelt and very witty.

  7. Darling me, (that’s you, not m… er, myself)

    I make it a point not to be spammy 99.99% of the time, but this is kinda important. My new friend’s (lesbian humor) magazine has relaunched and I need to ask (beg, plead, nag, persuade) a huge favor. I need for you to tell… um, Canada. Like, everyone and everyone they know. I’m serious here.

    There’s no need to blast you with links, you’ll find all the required details plastered on my blog.

    Also, I think they’d like very much to publish an original essay of yours. You could probably make the June issue, if you announce your intent to submit prior to April 5th. The final article is due by April 19th. You can find Candy’s (aka the editor’s) contact info on their website. Tell her I sent you.

    I do hope you can help. I so adore you ❤

    • me says:

      Dearest Princess K: I will get to your blog today and get the deets out to all my friends…and pass it along to their friends… and I will follow up with you through a personal email… and is that your New friend..? or your friend’s NEW … .

      • The friend is new. The magazine is old, (began in 2006) but newly reissued. You’ll see the post… I wish I knew how to do the email thing, I looked but can’t find contact info for you…

  8. me says:

    omg disconstruct is the new deconstruct? o.0 heeeelp, i’m talking to an academic *flees* 😉

    • me says:

      one miss-key deserves another, no…? and may the goddess strike me, I am NOT an academic though frequently mistaken for one. I only wear the costume.

  9. me says:

    hi me, it’s me 🙂

  10. feralgeographer says:

    Hi, anonymous author!

    I’m feral geographer and I blog at http://www.feralgeographer.wordpress.com. Along with Mae Callen of Driving Fast on Loose Gravel (http://maecallen.blogspot.com), I’m working on creating an active blogroll of queer blogs from Canada and/or by Canadians. The project is called Queer Canada Blogs (http://queercanadablogs.blogspot.com), and we’ve added your blog!
    Please check it out and let us know if you have any suggestions for other blogs we can add.

    feral geographer

    (Feel free to delete this comment… I just wanted to contact you, and couldn’t find an email address!)

    • me says:

      Dear FG: Thank you very much. Your work on the blogroll is needed and dare I say it — can I say this to an anarchist? — a very cool thing to do. I am wandering around your blog, and so far, even though you are WAY WAY out in BC, have things in common besides women. You’ve got electrical knowledge — I need some electrical work done, you have a black dog, and so do I: your dog and my dog might like each other. You make biscotti, I eat them.
      I will be wandering around the other sites you mention too. Can NEVER have enough cancon. Oh and congrats on your engagement. (That’s just crazy brave!)

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