If you’re going to say it, say it right

A small and personal report on Toronto’s 2011 Dyke March. First, it was fun. Second, it was fun. And third, well, third: let me tell you a story.

We were walking the small group of us, up Church Street to Hayden Street to where the Dyke March was going to start and as we walked up, checking out the scenery, trying not to lose each other, I saw a booth. I looked at the sign. And wondered how to pronounce the name because that is how my mind works.

And how would you pronounce the word?

So I’m standing there, puzzling over this word I have never seen in quite this fashion and I said out loud to my friend standing next to me, “I wonder how you pronounce that?”

My friend, the intrepid CP, looked up at what I was looking at.

“I don’t know.  I’ll go ask.”

She came back laughing.

“It’s pronounced butch, as in regular pronunciation.”

I furrowed my brows.

“The woman said that they liked the look of it.” CP explained.

I wondered if anyone actually did any research before deciding to have a ü (u umlaut) in the name of the company.

“But that’s not right,” I said, frowning.  The u umlaut would have it pronounced bootch, since the umlaut is designed to give a ‘u’ a long sound, as in pool, cool, maybe the way a Scottish person would say it. Not that I know, I’m just speculating.

So it’s totally cool to be entrepreneurial and make tanks and tees with images of a rooster on them, but messing with the language because you like the look of a mark over a vowel?

Clearly, I need to give grammar lessons. Or language lessons. Or business lessons. And research lessons.

Big dramatic sigh.

By the crowd around the tent it seemed I was the only one to have noticed and been curious about it. Having said that, it seemed that the tanks and tees and caps were cute for purveyors of butch-type stuff.  As you can see from the photo there were baseball caps.

Anyway, the Dyke March, which was actually more of a mosey than a March, was fun, weather was great, people happy. What more could anyone ask for, except a huge, big red pen?

Well, CP suggested that I pay attention to the footwear, and take pictures and write something about that, but that would have meant keeping my eyes down and that just wasn’t gonna happen.

These two were behind me

this was in front of me

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3 Responses to If you’re going to say it, say it right

  1. makingspace1 says:

    Oh damn, now I can’t stop saying it. LOL All those voice lessons where my teacher patiently worked with me on the proper pronunciation of the umlaut letter u – oh dear. LOL

  2. bookish butch says:

    Nothing says uber butch like butch with an umlaut:-)
    You crack me up.

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