Holding her hand

There isn’t anything in the world quite like touching her finger tips with yours or holding her hand as the two of you walk along a street, a shore, anywhere really, just being together, quiet, holding hands, connected; feeling each other through the receptors in your fingertips, in your heart.

Romantic? Maybe. Political? Possibly.

It’s Pride Week here in Toronto, with all the requisite political posturing and demands. The lead-up to this week has been somewhat typically hysterical. The Mayor isn’t participating which has lots of people saying tsk-tsk but seriously: do we want him there? If he would rather honour his family tradition of going to the cottage for that weekend with his brother the deputy mayor, with his mother who says she doesn’t get to see her boys now that they’re in politics, should we really be tsk tsking? If we didn’t vote for him, why do we want him at the parade? He can’t even dance! Besides, there are more important political issues to attend to right now.

For example, a new group calling itself Queers for Xenon (QfX) is demanding that Pride Toronto recognize and allow a contingent of naked, pink polka-dotted creatures from the planet Xenon to take part and carry banners in the Sunday Pride parade that say Earth Must Be Destroyed Now!

You might recall that Xenon has a strategic plan to obliterate Earth at some point in the future ideally before Earth steals all of Xenon’s coltan — the element required for our insatiable lust for electronic gadgets that require computer chips. Like cell phones. Coltan is the element being mined in the Congo that is destroying habitats and lives and has links to Congo’s ongoing armed conflict. My spies say that Xenon is planning for December 22, 2012, the day after the Mayan prophesy proves untrue.

The Queers franchise grows every year. I’m sure you’ve heard about the latest venture. In September, the Queers franchise will host a reality TV show where highly controversial and little-known causes will battle it out Survivor-like to become the favourite cause. The last cause standing is the winner of the Queers franchise support. Not only that, but a professional protest sign maker and sloganeer will be assigned to the cause for a whole year!!

Toronto Pride always brings the nuts out and the squirrels and rats aren’t too far behind; no disrespect to the Queers in Support of all Rodent Life Forms Known and to Be Discovered intended or meant.

Toronto’s Pride events are fun, and the people who head on down to the incredibly shrinking Village (the price of mainstreaming) are there to have fun and dance and share some love.

But I digress. I started thinking about holding hands, holding her hand, loving her down to the very finger tips. I started thinking about how anchoring holding hands is, how communicative hands and fingers are, even in silence. And I thought about how wonderful it is to be holding hands. With her. And I thought about all of the women I know who like to hold hands, not only during Pride Week, but every week, every day, any day, everywhere and anywhere.

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  1. bookish butch says:

    Holding hands rocks!! In my book, second only to… kissing, I have much love for kissing:-)
    Happy Pride, Kiddo.

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