Of the two ways to say it, there’s only one right way

It’s warmer now and that means the patios are open and the cafes are open and people will be having iced coffee or iced coffee drinks, and every year, the newly out women will be in places full of lesbians and some of the newly out will try to make an impression on the more established lesbians and ideally, they will want the impression to range from not invisible to simply amazing.

Now, if you or someone you know is one of those newly out people, let me save you from making an impression that you might not want to make, the impression that you don’t know how to spell a word that you are looking at, the impression that you don’t know how to speak a word that is spelled right in front of you on the menu, the impression that you don’t listen, or the impression that you just stepped out into the real world from somewhere far, far away from any civilization where they don’t call things by their real names. All of which is fine if that is what you want; however, it might garner the interest of someone you don’t want to be interested; what we refer to as women with whirling eyeballs. Which again, if that’s what you’re into, read no further.

I can’t guarantee that any of the emerging lesbians will avoid that hot woman who hides her whirling eyeballs in daylight, but I can guarantee that following this advice will be one less thing to attract her. So, before you head for the cafes, read the poster and remember what it says for all time, particularly if you ever plan on visiting Europe and then practice saying the word until it rolls off your tongue like you’ve been out for oh, at least a week.
sorry for the dupe post!

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4 Responses to Of the two ways to say it, there’s only one right way

  1. Terrisita says:

    How did I miss this?? Too cute, oh woman of the whirling eyeballs!

  2. bookish butch says:

    So, strange, that happens to be one of my many pet peeves, great minds, I guess:-)

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