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Rumours of Spring in southern Ontario have been greatly exaggerated. It’s rained almost every single day through April and May and right now it is below 10C.  How is a lesbian’s fancy to turn to love when it’s sopping wet outside and everyone is busy lending a hand to build the next ark?

I am on the Rainbow ark crew, supervising the soft butch posse, who are having some interesting games of proving who’s better with the power tools, as if somehow handiness with tools is an indication of handiness at other things. I have noticed the femme decorating crew passing by the posse more than they should and have decided that I will not stand in the way of evolving lesbian love rituals. My next rotation is to go out and gather the animals in twosies, twosies.

Anyway, back to the important stuff. Spring and love. An absence of Spring needn’t be an absence of love or absence of an opportunity for love or love renewal or love discovery, or love remembered or love curiosity, so I have gone out in search of love stuff to meet the requirements of my other role that I have to do one weekend out of the year, that of the Mischievous LesbianLove Fairy Princess. In that role, I get to sprinkle some love stuff around where it’s needed: in hearts that are ready for love, even if minds are not, because you know that’s how love works and if you did not know that, you may now consider yourself informed.

This sprinkling is of mixed words and images, true and not true, that pass through the Dreamtime of those ready hearts. Where not true lands, that heart has some work to do to learn about love, what it is to love and be loved and give and share love. Let’s not forget the mischievous side of this role: discerning between what love is and is not, indications of a love that grows you rather than diminishes you, love that accepts you rather than trying to change you, love that kisses you in the morning and before bed, love that is tender and fierce in appropriate ways and times. Hardly an easy task, but all of this love stuff means figuring that out and making good choices so that you get to love, to the love that is good for you, whether that is a woman, an idea, a place, a pet.

I should tell you that the reason the Goddess gave me this role is because I did not believe in love, could not be swayed by love, could be objective in the face of all the love in the world. And then my predecessor, the not-so mischievous LesbianLove Fairy Queen of the Universe sent me out on my vision quest. And let’s just say that I remain objective and cannot be swayed and passed the test to take on the job of sprinkling some love — with mischief.

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Toronto, Canada. Writing about slices of life, the moments and minor details of which come into awareness or out of imagination and the spaces inbetween. On hiatus from writing anywhere else but here ... at least for now.
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  2. Terrisita says:

    If the rain continues, set sail south…we have lots of twosies, twosies, here…elephants and kangaroosie-roosies…”Rise and Shine, and give Goddess Glory, Glory”

    Is there a significant difference between being objective, and being aware, realistic, full of self knowledge and practical? The mischievous part I understand, it goes with being cheeky, all in all, a good trait for Lesbian Love Fairy Princesses.

    On an editorial note…is “togheter” more cohesive to “together”?, and are you more perfectly embraced if you are “surroundded”?

    By the by…take care in what you sprinkle, Fairy Princess. You know that the absence of spring means an inevitable sudden atmospheric change into a torrid, steamy summer…and someone must be accountable for the outcome of that!!

    • fs says:

      EEEK! I will ahve to fix those errors :-(. Um… *have to Hmmm are you saying that what is put in motion….is my responsibility? No way, Josie.

    • fs says:

      T: PS: Um… I can’t change them 😦

      • Terrisita says:

        I didn’t think you could…but they weren’t yours anyway!! The uber-editor in me sees only the errors of others…rarely my own. Where do you mine your graphics from?? Very clever!
        Oh, and you aren’t responsible for the outcome, but sprinkle with caution!!

      • fs says:

        T: Once we’ve written it, it’s challenging to see the typing, grammatical errors: hence EVERY writer needs an editor that’s a human…:-) Or leave it for a day or two. the internet is my mining source. Sometimes images are easier than words..

  3. makingspace1 says:

    Love this! Last quote feels like my life. And I used to be such a cynic…

    • fs says:

      Dear MS: Why, thank you. Being a cynic…is easy and dare I say, oh so common ;-). Living with willing (but smart) heart takes courage…

  4. This post made me cry today .. I have a love at the moment that consumes my mind, my heart and my soul but it is a love that could destroy me. I need to figure out whether I am brave enough to take the chance.

    Thank you for your words and your insight.


    • fs says:

      CJ: I debated whether or not to include that particular love stuff… the line between a good love and a bad love is so, so fine, but if I may, let not that line be fear, but a truth. Will she will her love destroy you, or the potential of the loss?

  5. bookish butch says:

    You are a true romantic, and that is a thing of beauty, and as says the poet, Keats, I think, It’s late, I’m not sure:-) A thing of beauty is a joy forever. You make me smile.
    Btw, Québec, has the same affliction, rain. I should find that butch crew, I guess:-)

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