A few of my favourite things

Raindrops, whiskers on kittens, brown paper packages tied up with string.

It’s turning out to be a typical Spring here in Toronto, raining steadily; good for the water table, good for the grass, good for the roots of all living things. NOT so good for walking dogs, leather shoes and boots, or keeping dry. Did you know that some people STILL think that all lesbians are witches? That’s just not true. If it were, no lesbian would go out in the rain: she’d melt. And I can assure you what melts me is NOT rain.

Usually I like rainy days. They are great days to get cozy and intimate and just hang about. But after nearly 40 days and a good number of rainy nights, enough is enough. However, I won’t grump about the weather or the mad, sad election results. Not me. I have a strategy. I am going to buy a rain suit and spend the next four years in total, absolute denial. In fact, I am going to spend the next four years travelling, hopping on the imagination train to visit some of my favourite things around my imaginary world where things are good and kind and loving and sexy and of no political stripe whatsoever.

Some of my favourite things? Well, since you asked: Handmade translucent gold Japanese paper, women, sculpture, music, animals. That’s for starters. Then there’s stuff that makes me think, women, bodies of water and smart women, laughing, specially with her, rocks, watches, pens, Moleskin books, forests, poetry, travel, design, reading, words, the alphabet, silence, breath, thoughtfulness, gentleness, rawness. Black and white photos. Simplicity. Layers. Espresso. Complexity. Getting lost. WOMEN! Being Found. And of course, the boom … boom … boom of her heart next to my heart. Cuddling. Loving. Magic. Mystery. Doorways, stairways, stories, morning mist hovering over the lake, being in awe, history, cars, women, spice, heat, learning, curves, eyes, smiles, lips, freckles, hands, discovery, the moment of change from not-knowing to knowing; Edge. Balance. Intensity. Quiet. Solitude. Wondering. Questioning. Feeling. Seeing. Tasting. Touching. Hearing. Scent. Sensing. Empathic connectivity. Did I mention women yet?

The rule is show, don’t tell. So some pictures …

A few of my favourite things

A woman in glasses

a hand, a touch, two, sheer clothing, skin

yes, I AM looking at you

back atchya little owl. (This image makes my heart ache)

late 1970s: part of our not-so-long-ago: queerifying history

NB: In the 1970s, some women became lesbian as a political act, protesting against the patriarchy. Many of these women preached cuddling only; sex was something men wanted, not women and was considered part of the patriarchy. Maybe you had to be there to understand that leap of logic and stunning level of intellectualization. But after reading it, I wondered about this movie poster.

words fail. and not in a good way

What, who me? Looking at you? Not me, uh uh, wasn’t me, no way

because lost magic is devastating

is it now yet?

let’s just sit here forever til the world goes away

is far too much space

one hot slurp

water, wave, shape, curve, wet, submerse, moving together

Marion Cotillard, a talented French actress

colour. word. paper. red. Ignore the fact that the word election is on the page

be here now

a wallet. really. Can’t decide if this is crude or brilliant or simply inspired

and some of us…do

no one must do anything; we live until we die, breathing is good, even when she takes your breath away

I need to believe in something…

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Toronto, Canada. Writing about slices of life, the moments and minor details of which come into awareness or out of imagination and the spaces inbetween. On hiatus from writing anywhere else but here ... at least for now.
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  1. Terrisita says:

    Again, brilliant wordsmithing/thought provoking/imagination firing/awe-inspiring. Thank you!

  2. bookish butch says:

    To finish with Rocky the Squirrel is inspired, did he watch Bullwinkle pull a rabbit out of a hat? Again!!
    Thanks, a balm on the soul and a feast for the eyes, maybe, I’ll take a trip as well:-)

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