I spy with my lesbian eye

Inspired by a question on BB’s blog about having a type. I don’t have one. However, much catches my eye …


… lines and light and colour and shape and scale and movement; elements that, when brought together, form an image, whether contrived or serendipitously thrown together or created in nature and captured in a photograph, arranged in a room transferred to a canvas conceived for a magazine, interpreted on a table on a bed on the floor on the ceiling across the skyline or just being and doing what’s necessary, like the tree reaching, reaching, reaching waaay out across the edge of the Don River, reaching across the water to touch the other side looking for all the world like a modern ballet dancer limbering up and bent over the barre.

Speaking of dancers…

Sometimes, I spy the movement of her hips as she dances or I notice the way her hand touches the wine glass or the camera or the phone or how she holds her fork and knife or how her fingertips caress the pages of the book or touch the keyboard. Or I see that smile or that curve of her body, the one that moves from underarm to waist to hip to thigh or I glimpse freckles right there, or I see the look, the one that signals immediately and tugs at my tummy pulling out sensations cartwheeling into feelings: that amazing, non-tangible, cascade effect that brings into sharp total focus: you, me, now.

Look. See. Sense. Spy.

I’ll leave it to all the academics to debate whether there is a de facto lesbian visual sensibility in the world other than the stereotypical things we all chuckle at. For now, the only visual sensibility that I’m talking about is all about looking at women.

My lesbian eye — well, both of them actually — seem to inevitably spy a HER or three wherever I am, regardless of what I’m doing: checking out the art or the architecture or just walking the dogs. It is my sad fate to live in the world’s most culturally diverse city, where coincidentally, many women also happen to live and many are worth spying, for how they are put together or how they carry themselves, for their smiles, their energy, their movement, and yes, at times even their attractiveness however it expresses itself. Goddess forgive me my weakness and lack of depth.

There is much to see in the world of women. Shape. Size. Skin. Hair. Mouth. All of the elements and how they work together. Young. Old. Ways of walking. Personal style. Shape of an ear. Boots. Shoes. Glasses. Intelligence. Smiles. Beautiful. Cute. Interesting. Striking. Regular and cool. Edgy. Academic. Geeky. Freckles. Hands. Glint in an eye. Everything. Anything.

With lesbians there are additional things to spy: tribal indicators (femme, butch, boi, trans, hippie, artsy, leather… Oh, and the couples or the ones checking out the other ones.

As always there are the Uncategorizable Ones. And even straight women.

My looking? Tis a thing I do and will always do because I am a human and humans look at other humans. And as a female human interested in other female humans, why would I deny myself or any other person this very fundamental human activity? Looking has nothing to do with relationship status, either. I have looked and spied with my lesbian eye while single AND partnered. For those of our tribe who think it’s wrong to look at women when partnered, all I can say to that is oh, piffle. In fact, you can have great fun looking at women with your partner.

So enough with the words; the following images are but a few examples of what might engage me in that wonderful game of eye spy.


freckles, white shirt, eyes, fun hair and did I say freckles..?


um ... everything

focused, juicy anticipation...

yes to Lempicka -- more curves, colour and contours

the one on the right: Dark hair, a gorgeous smile. As a couple, togetherness, tenderness, fun

Grace, beauty, smarts and an English accent: she is all that and a bag of chips!

hand, eyes, mouth and suit; black&white and a cool-coloured background

eyes, wristwrapping thingys, artistic fingers, cute tank, fun hair

something about how the woman in the foreground is holding her body and the boots, oh and steps and medieval doors in Italy.

a gorgeous albino python wound around her arm, tasting the air. Forked tongue. An apple to bite into that reflects the studio lights even more than the hand and the snake. A myth. Defiance? A woman.

eyes, nose, mouth, bone structure, cultured, cheeky

drops of water, suspended? falling? pooling?

“Seeing comes before words….”

About FS

Toronto, Canada. Writing about slices of life, the moments and minor details of which come into awareness or out of imagination and the spaces inbetween. On hiatus from writing anywhere else but here ... at least for now.
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8 Responses to I spy with my lesbian eye

  1. kindamixedup says:

    that was on point. Interesting images as well, I think my lesbian eye might be looking for the exact same thing as yours. “that curve of her body, the one that moves from underarm to waist to hip to thigh”… oh boy, what more can I say? ^^

  2. It’s difficult to comment, because, anything I say is bound to be less interesting and more ordinary than your post. I will say this, beautiful and a visual cornucopia. As, always a delight, your posts make me smile and think, an irresistible combination. 🙂

    • FS says:

      BB: I would be very interested in your comment, after all, it was your question that inspired me to do this post. And please, from what I have read of you, what you have to say is HARDLY less interesting and certainly not ordinary. Imagine: smiling and thinking at the same time. The things we are capable of…boggles!

  3. Terrisita says:

    Another clever wordplay, followed by some interesting images. You have an ear and an eye F., and a brilliant gift to share all that in a way that is inspired, inspiring, and never repetitious or less than succinct. Each sentence draws the reader deeper into the prose, the imagery, the imagination. Each pause is just long enough to build the anticipation for the next imagery. Thanks once more for sharing all that. I love being urged along those thought lines. They make me think a little deeper, feel a little more intensely, and wonder…

    • FS says:

      T; Thank you. As long as you love being urged, we’re good!. However, I worry that if you think any more deeply my friend, I’ll have to go looking for you in the Cave of Kruber. 🙂 Not that I’m not up for it — just sayin’. ((hugs))

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