What leads women into Lesbianism

It seems that at least 520 people a day want to know why a woman might become a lesbian and ask it in any number of ways, including: What leads a women into lesbianism?

The Stairway to Heaven, maybe?

I get that not everyone knows how to ask good questions, but it’s as if women are mules pulled by handlers along that winding road into the Dark City of Lesbianism. It seems a foregone conclusion that a girl or a woman has to be led to loving women because Goddess forbid, she can’t know it for herself and she certainly can’t know it without the ‘ism’ attached to it.

It’s time the truth came out. You see, there is a sign — a LESBIAN SIGN — that appears to a few chosen girls and women during a time of need (not the burning bush time by the way) and while I risk the wrath of the Goddess and the Angels Who Show the Sign, I am revealing it to you now so that you can know the answer to the question, why does a woman become a lesbian:

A divine sandwich board sign. You think I’m joking don’t you? Well, maybe a bit.

Does there have to be a biological answer or a psychological or cultural answer for why some women are lesbians? Who cares why? Spend time money looking for causes and cures for intolerance and ignorance: it would be money better spent, I assure you.

The short answer? WOMEN are why women are lesbians. End of story.

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  1. You got a blue one? Mine was fuchsia…

  2. makingspace1 says:

    Hell to the yeah! Just found ya, and I’m pullin’ up a chair and gettin’ comfy. Howdy!

  3. Terrisita says:

    Short, succinct, to the point. Well said, FS!

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