Women Attracted to Women

Thank the Goddess for Google’s gathering of search terms that people use. Allow me to share one such assembly of words that landed someone at the doorstep of my blog:

what are the outward signs that two women are attracted to each other?

Witches’ Honour, that was the search term. I wondered who might be interested in knowing such information. After some thought, it occurred to me that the search term was created by one of the following:

  • a woman unfamiliar with the signals that women who sleep with women convey.
  • a woman attracted to another woman and who wants to know what do, outwardly.
  • someone who wants to know if two women are outwardly signaling attraction to each other or simply marking territory.
  • someone doing an academic research paper.
  • someone doing something for a social networking following.

I suppose it is also possible that some obnoxious person with a cell phone wants to take snaps and go viral with a video titled, Looking at Lezgirls, but I doubt it.

So I thought about these outward signs.  I didn’t get very far in those thoughts because I was interrupted and asked for directions. That happens a lot. I often get stopped and asked for directions or to explain signs. Doesn’t seem to matter that I might not speak the language or that I am in a city far, far from Toronto, or even on a planet far away from Earth. People and alien life forms ask me for directions all the time, and so I have developed a bit of a tour guide persona.

What does this have to do with anything you ask?

Some days, when I’m bored, I go downtown where the cute lesbian tourists hang out and hold up my very cute pink “Women Only” umbrella and ask all the attractive women to follow me while I tour them … around places in the city that any discerning lesbian would want to see and know about. Tour guides see a lot and I have big eyes. As a result, I have a thing or two to share about outward signs that two women are attracted to each other because let’s face it, the inward signs are VERY hard to see unless you have a front row seat or a backstage pass.

Here’s how you will know:

  1. One woman offers to help the other woman paint the apartment/house/garage; move, wash the dog; pill the cat; change the oil, or clean the attic any day of the week, rain or shine, night or day. No matter that the entire universe has to be rescheduled if the other woman says, sure, how is Sunday morning 7 a.m.? An attraction is an attraction and for some, what’s more desirable than the person who makes herself indispensable by helping out where others can’t or won’t?
  2. They stand close but do not touch, as in, they are in each other’s intimate space, but do not touch. Touching of hands, of a hand lightly on a back a shoulder, an arm, a knee, a thigh, by two women who are attracted to each other but have not shared that information with each other is not done. That is unless they are two straight women, or a straight woman attracted to a lesbian. Straight women touch ALL the time, even when they shouldn’t.
  3. They find excuses to bump into each other.  Like in winter, when one of them lets four buses go by in the hope that the other will drive by and offer her a lift to the subway, and when she finally does drive by, pulls up to ask, “Waiting long?  Your lips look blue. Can I offer you a lift?” smiles a frozen smile she hopes conveys warmth to answer, “No, not at all, my lips are always blue this time of year, and thank you, that would be nice.
  4. One of them gets very clumsy around the other. Clumsy as in drops coffee when the other comes in the room, or drops a pen, or a pad of paper, or trips over a cord, or talks in long strings of Spoonerisms, or worse, giggles at silly things. Truly people, there is nothing more tragic than a tongue-tied, floppy-fingered lesbian.
  5. And if it isn’t clumsy, then it’s clueless. They are together a lot and are giggly and silly and when all their friends say…  “you two need to do something…” they turn to look at their friends and respond in unison and in dumfoundedness, “what on earth are you talking about..?” then go away together for a weekend to the cottage as they often do and come back announcing they got married.

Other outward signs are hard to discern and can only be done by the gifted among us who read the deeply subtle and highly nuanced energies of women. These gifted ones rarely speak of their knowledge, but: a few of them have been on my tours and following a fair exchange, I have been given the gift. I have also been sworn to secrecy.

Until next time…

….travel safe in your world, and thank you for sharing your time with these words.

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Toronto, Canada. Writing about slices of life, the moments and minor details of which come into awareness or out of imagination and the spaces inbetween. On hiatus from writing ... at least for now.
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2 Responses to Women Attracted to Women

  1. That is an interesting search string! I have concluded that the intentions are academic. After all, a more casual person would use something simple like “how do lesbians hit on each other?” to search for pertinent information. Or, perhaps even more popular, “how do I know if a lesbian is hitting on ME?”.
    I have been asked the latter on many occasions, and my answer is always the same:

    “Be a lesbian.”

    The reply to this is usually a dumbfounded “huh?”, to which I reply
    “If you are a lesbian, you’ll know when a woman is hitting on you. If you aren’t a lesbian, then who cares?”

    “Well what if I lead her on by accident?”

    “You won’t. She’ll know if you aren’t a lesbian.”


    “She’s a lesbian.”

    “I dont get it.”

    “Of course not! “You aren’t a lesbian…”

    Thank’s for the read!

    • Frances says:

      Dear Princess…. Thank you and as always, your logic is absolutely flawless. A question: Do you mean academic as in….for academic gathering of information for some purpose, or, academic as in good theory but not in practice? 🙂

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