Lesbian Loot Bags

(Names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent)


A small number of us were at the showing of an artist’s work and after having made the rounds of looking at the watercolours and oils we all plopped down in plush, square contemporary, candy-red chairs that are so de rigueur for art shows. Only problem was the chairs were all in a long line, facing a padded bench and not each other.

We got to talking about this and that when one of our group asked another member of our group, so, when are you and Katie getting married?

Carrie’s eyes widened. “Well, if I didn’t believe in marriage for straight people, I’m certainly not going to start believing in it for gay people either.”

Milena sighed.

“How long have you and Katie been together?” she asked.

Carrie furrowed her brows. “You know we really don’t remember? We were just talking about this the other day and we THINK is’s almost 12 years.”

“You don’t remember?” I asked, wondering about not remembering.

Carrie shook her head.

I turned to Milena. “You want to go to a wedding, don’t you?”  I asked.

Milena nodded, turning to the other two of our group.

“What about you two?” she asked.

Sue and Michele are about to pass a huge milestone: in July they will have been together 25 years.

Michele looked at Sue at smiled.

“Not a wedding, but we do want a big party. We’ve been dropping hints to nieces and nephews to throw us one.”

There was silence for a moment and Michele continued.

“I could get Karen to organize it. That might be fun.”

Both Michele and Sue laughed. Karen is Michele’s nine year-old niece, and at that ripe old age is exceedingly well versed in party etiquette. She is also good at organizing events, which is code for telling adults what to do.

“Can you imagine the loot bags she’d put together?”  I asked, laughing at the thought of Karen assembling loot bags for her aunt’s event.

And then I thought about it.

Lesbian Loot Bags. Can you just imagine what might be in them?

If there’s make-up, jewelry, Tom Boy tools, and pencil crayons, I’m saying yes to the invitation.

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